Sep 10, 2007

The Second Saga of Foo: Part III

Part I Part II

(Written by the rest of the family)

As convoluted and complex as the above story is, it doesn't even scratch the surface of the various machinations, lies, and logistical issues we faced.

Upon picking Faux Foo up at the groomer's, A. was very worried. A. called John on the phone: “Um, Dad? The dogs don't really look anything alike. Maybe we should do the switch in a dark place. Like maybe by candlelight and she won't notice?” We expected the con to be successful for maybe five minutes if we were lucky. How could she not notice that it wasn't her dog???

Then there was the issue of logistics. The dogs were shuttled between A. and Gabe's house several times, due to planned visits from Rose. Who had Faux Foo at any given time and who had real Foo was carefully choreographed.

After visiting with “Foo” at Gabe's house, Rose delighted in telling people that she definitely could have fooled John with the new dog, and isn't it amazing how much Foo looks like that cute dog at the groomer's?

The night of The Reveal, A. and J. had to get real Foo out of Rose and John's yard, replace him with Faux Foo, and switch collars. Unfortunately, Foo operates with Selective Hearing (like many teenagers) and refused to come when called. So J. had to run/crawl through the yard to get him, and make the return trip running/crawling through the yard with Foo tucked under his arm like a football.

It really worked so much better than any of us could have dreamed.

A Chinatown Foo

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Karen said...

I bow before The Masters of Con!!!