Sep 1, 2007

Grettir's pool

Shannon asked where the hot pot picture was taken (Icelandic Shrine, previous post). After taking the boat to Drangey Island and hiking all around, we knew we would have to follow it up by a visit to Grettir's Pool.

It was remote and private, the water felt great after our hike in the chilly fog, and the countryside surrounding it is lovely.

Drangey has magnificent views and is a wonderful way to experience the Saga of Grettir up close.

The fjord is just over the rock wall if you choose to cool off...

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Shannon said...

Ohhh, THAT is too cool! Now I am haading to my bookshelf to see if I have Grettir's Saga. Isn't it awesome to BE in the same places where the sagas happened? I need to return to Iceland again before I die. I never read the sagas while living there (because I was consumed by being a baby factory at the time) but I am doing so now and would like to see these places firsthand. Absolutely incredible. Thank you for posting more pictures!