Aug 25, 2007

Photo a Day

On the days I don't write, I'll post a picture from our trip.

Hexagonal basalt columns in Hofsós.


Rose said...

Wow, this column looks square, doesn't it. More to come...

Karen said...

This was in "The Readers' Corner" of the Library Newsletter:

Þrír Íslenska morð dularfullur við Arnaldur Indridason, og a forsýning af tilkoma aðdráttarafl
. . . [Three Icelandic murder mysteries by Arnaldur Indridason, and a preview of coming attractions. . .] submitted by Jeff Kushkowski

I found out about Indridason’s books in the usual way – at the gym. Working out one morning, one of my gym buddies mentioned that he was reading a book called Jar
City by Arnaldur Indri. . .something – it’s at the public library. Oh. . .the author’s from Iceland. By the time I got to the library, the only thing I could remember was the title.

At the moment, the ISU Library only owns one of the titles, but the others are available
at the Ames Public Library or through interlibrary loan.

Each of these novels follows detectives Erlendur, Sigurdur Oli, and Elinborg as they solve multifaceted and brutal crimes in and around Reykjavik. Erlendur is the elder of the three detectives, mid-50s, divorced, depressed and in declining health with plenty
of regrets (as Tori Amos aptly sang, “Got enough guilt to start my own religion”). Sigurdur
Oli is the opposite, young, well-dressed, in a relationship and ready to take on life. Elinborg, the female detective, is the stabilizing force between the two men. What the three stories share in common is the story of Erlendur’s strained relationship with his daughter and the interplay between the three characters.

Shannon said...

Oh, there you go...making me "home" sick...but I can't wait to see more, so...HURRY! =)

Rose said...


Is "The Reader's Corner" an Ames Public, or Iowa State Univ. newsletter? I love Indridason, and am awaiting his newest to come out in paperback this fall. How do you like him?

ECS said...

I just read Jar City and saw the movie of it too (called Mýrin in Icelandic). The movie definitely does not make Iceland look like the friendliest place, although they almost showed my house in one of the aerial shots!