Mar 26, 2007

Universal Sentiments

"I was intrigued enough by the sight of this piece of paper in the windshield to go back to the car and find out what was written on it." This was the caption under a great photo on Maria Roff's Iceland Eyes blog (3/23/07).

Maria's photo reminded me of a find we made on the sidewalks of San Francisco (7/14/2005) right alongside Mission Dolores (made famous in Hitchcock's Vertigo). We found this message, which the city had tried to paint out. How fortunate that they failed. I imagine that others were as intrigued as we were, and that it inspired many painful reminiscences.


And, how many of you have enjoyed Found Magazine? Replete with lost messages, grocery lists, letters...this is a magazine (or book compilation) that I was totally unable to put down until I had turned every page. Peter sent the above "find" in, but we haven't seen it published yet...Meanwhile, you can check out their webpage and see the Find of the Day.

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Maria Alva said...

You have to check out this find by another Iceland lover, V.S.

(by the way, very charming site!)