Jan 29, 2007

Icelandic Shipper Embraces Richmond

...Richmond embraces Icelandic Shipper. Today the Richmond Times Dispatch announced that the Icelandic container line, Eimskip, has become the second international shipping line to come up the James River to dock and unload at the Richmond Port Authority. Eimskip brings fish and bottled water to Richmond, and returns to Reykjavik with cereal, apples, machinery parts, cars and campers. Stops include Boston, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland.

Dock workers tie up the Icelandic freight liner MV Bruarfoss V as it makes its initial call at the port of Richmond.

28 years ago Minnesota writer Bill Holm, beginning his Fulbright year in Iceland, left on a container vessel out of Portsmouth, Virginia to begin an 11-day voyage to Iceland in December. While the trip was cold and the seas were rough, the Northern Lights were transcendental!

Will I be able to convince Eimskip to take a paying passenger (or two) on one of their trips? Stay posted!

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Anonymous said...

I won't be surprised at all when I hear that you've hopped aboard ship and are working as a deckhand in exchange for passage to Iceland.
(This comment is from Jody)