Dec 16, 2006

The Huldafolk Are Our Friends

John's wallet went missing on that epic horseback ride over the lava fields, our next-to-last day in Iceland. You may recall that he and the boys had a fruitless search for it, retracing their entire horseback ride on foot, and that his conclusion was:
There was something out there. I don't know what it was. Maybe it was trolls who stole my wallet. I'll have to find out...
Then he got an email from Sara and Emma. Now Sara and Emma are through with their work on the horse ranch for the summer, but Disa, the owner of Snorrastadir Farm, sent John's wallet back to him. She said that it was found...IN THE CABIN! Ha!

My hunch is that those sneaky trolls must have put it back there. John's theory, on the other hand, is a bit more complex. In essence: a witch that lived on the volcano didn't like outsiders intruding on her land so she stole John's wallet. But the spirits of the earth were saddened at her inhospitality toward guests, so they stole it back and placed it, safe from the elements, where it would be found.

Here it arrived, back in Richmond, with U.S. and Icelandic money intact.

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John said...

The witch and the return are more than "just a theory." It is the only explanation that makes sense, if one thinks about it logically. Let's not play games, or insult reason here.