Jul 15, 2006


On time and ready! We are flying out of BWI (Baltimore) --one of our efforts to keep within our budget this trip. Will we? The suspense builds...

We are traveling "light." Each of us has one large backpack. Well, and a few extras: small backpacks, a large cooler that packs flat, a duffel bag. But for our family, this is much better than usual. I am particularly proud of having packed my hiking boots, sleeping bag, and ALL of my clothes in my backpack.

An odd coincidence occurs as our plane is ready to arrive at the gate. Peter finds out that his friend Josh is on it. Josh has taken Icelandair to and from Germany, with a short stopover in Reykjavik. He is on the same plane that will return to Iceland with us on board. Peter meets Josh at Customs to catch up before we leave.

Yes, we're flying Icelandair despite their not having recognized the excellence of my essay last spring, when they awarded their Spring Break trip to Someone Else. I am still trying to Get Over It.

My family graciously gives me the window seat, to afford me the earliest possible glimpse of Iceland. 8:45 pm and we're off!

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