Apr 12, 2006

My Essay

Icelandair Contest, 3/1/06

Behold a desperate woman--my spirit is in Iceland, but my body is not. Unite my body and spirit in Reykjavik!

My obsession for Iceland was born in books. The words of Snorri Sturluson, Haldor Laxness, Bill Holm, W.H. Auden and Olaf Olafsson consumed me.

The Sagas ignited a passion in me. I long to commune with the spirits of the warrior poets at Pingvellir.

Laxness’ The Fish Can Sing was so mesmerizing that as soon as I finished it I turned back to page one and began again.

Laxness, his home

A shrine.

I yearn to divine

his words

still suspended in the air.

I am absorbed by Icelandic film, language, natural wonders, bloggers. I seek to share my fledgling Icelandic phrases with Icelanders in the coffee shops, museums and hot pots of Reykjavik. I crave Brennevin and pylsa, hunger for the cleanest water in the world and the freshest fish. I ache to see the Aurora Borealis, listen to rimur, and meet huldufolk. My obscure passion confuses and bewilders my family--but that does not deter me.

Meanwhile, I gaze north.

An eager whisper escapes my lips:

Iceland, O! Iceland!

This is a true story. This is me.

Winning Entry

And The Winner Is...

A big thanks to everyone who entered the Sebastian Spring Break contest. We loved your stories and are truly impressed with your creativity.

So, without further adieu, we're please to announce Elizabeth Tubergen from Lookout Mountain, GA, as the lucky winner.


Elizabeth has won:
- Roundtrip airfare for TWO from Baltimore/Washington (BWI), New York
(JFK), Boston (BOS), Orlando (ORL) or Minneapolis/St. Paul (MSP)
- Three (3) nights hotel in a double room in Reykjavik
- Blue Lagoon Tour
- Roundtrip Airport/Hotel transfers

Here is a copy of the winning entry:

"Ever since I was a wee lass I have wanted to visit Iceland.
Icelandic landscapes enchant me. When I was young, my dad gave me a calendar
(you know, one of those free ones from the office) that was full of rich photographs from around the world. I immediately wanted to visit all of the places, especially Iceland. I want to go to Iceland, but I can’t afford it right now because I am a college student, and I am very poor
and have debts.

In addition to the lifelong fascination that I have with Iceland, many of my favorite artists are from Iceland, which makes it all the more interesting to me. I want to go to the sculpture
museums, and see the works of sculptures that are rarely shown anywhere else. I love the music that comes out of Iceland. Besides these things, I want to go to Iceland to relax. After a tough semester at school, the Blue Lagoon looks awfully nice. Please pick me."

Comments, anyone? Which essay would you have chosen?


Gunnella said...

Yours is obviously way way better ;-)

But threagain, would you have been content with only 3 nights in Iceland, when you come you have to make it a proper stay! Go drive up north, see the fjords up west... could probably gleam free lodging in Reykjavik if sofas are ok ;-D

Antonia said...

That contest was a farce. A farce!